Upcoming Events

Area 73

I pray everyone is safe and well.  This past Saturday Area 73 had its very first Zoom agenda meeting.  There were around 30 participants, and overall, it went very well.  During the meeting, the assembly discussed the upcoming fall assembly to be held in Huntington and their concerns.  During the discussion, it was very clear that the assembly does not to want meet in person this September.

This is why we decided to have our very first Zoom assembly this September.  That is correct–we are going hold our fall assembly this September 19th via Zoom.  We will also be able to hold our election anonymously via Zoom.    There will be training for Area 73 members held by our very own Brian Tucker on the following dates.

August 16th– 1:00 PM

August 23rd– 5:00 PM

There will be an additional email sent out with a Zoom link for the training sessions.

With this being an election assembly, remember that anyone qualified to stand for a committee chair must have the approval of their District before the actual Assembly in September.  If you are standing for an officer’s position, you do not need your district’s approval. Please have this information sent to Area Chair (Brian M) and the Recording Secretary (Wes A) as soon as possible.